DIY Bias Tape Tutorial

Ever have trouble getting the right colored bias tape for your project?  Prefer to use one of your own fun patterns instead of a boring solid?  If so, this is the tutorial for you!  Bias tape is really easy to make from your own fabric and it can save you money.


  • Your fabric of choice
  • Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
  • Hot iron

1.  Cut your fabric into strips using your rotary cutter.  I use 2 ½ inch strips for most projects but you can make it wider or narrower for your own project.

Bias tape is typically cut on the bias, which is at a 45 degree angle or diagonal from the weave of the fabric.  If your project has curved edges, this allows the bias tape to stretch nicely around the curves.

Tip:  If your project only has straight edges, you can save some fabric by cutting it straight across the weave instead of on the bias.

2.  If you need a long length of bias tape, sew your strips together to create one long strip.

3.  With a nice, hot iron, press the fabric in half along the length of the bias tape.

4.  Open the fabric up and then fold each edge in towards the seam that you created.

5.  After you’ve pressed the edges in towards the seam, fold the whole thing back in half along the seam and press again.

6.  Attach to your project as you normally would.  I used a tight zigzag stitch for my Diaper Clutch Changing Pad.

That’s it!  Simple, easy and completely versatile bias tape for every project!

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